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Questions To Ask Your Builder When Building A Custom Home


When you don’t like any of the homes currently on the market, it may be worthwhile to build your own home from scratch. This provides you with an opportunity to customize it to your liking, which increases the odds that you will live there for many years or decades to come. What are some good questions to ask when building a custom home?

Who Is Doing the Work?

Among the questions to ask when building a custom home is who will be doing the work. While you may know who the general contractor is, you shouldn’t assume that he or she will do all of the work. It is common in construction projects to delegate tasks to subcontractors. For instance, the general contractor may have another company work on the kitchen or hire a plumber to install your pipes. While there is nothing wrong with subcontracting, it is important that you know who did the work in case there are issues in the future.

How Long Will the Project Take?

It may take several weeks or months to build a custom home. This is because the contractor will need to coordinate with other parties to get materials and ensure that there are enough people on hand each day to stay on track. Delays could also occur if the weather is poor or the roof shingles or other materials show up late or are defective.

How Can I Protect My Investment?

One of the most important questions to ask when building a custom home is how you can protect your investment. New homes are generally more expensive than existing homes because you are paying for material and labor in addition the land and other costs related to getting a mortgage. Therefore, you should find out what type of warranty exists on the home and how long it lasts for. You should also ask about any exclusions that could leave you on the hook for expensive repairs if anything breaks or stops working properly.

Building a custom home can be a great way to get what you want without having to do any house hunting. You also control where the home is located, which means you know where you are sending your kids to school or if there is a main road nearby to make your commute easier. Assuming that you have a good rapport with your builder, there is no reason why you can’t get your dream home at a reasonable price and in a reasonable amount of time.

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