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Choosing a Home Builder in Collierville


When you are getting ready to build a new home, it is important to choose the right home builders in Collierville. You will be working hand in hand with the home builders throughout every stage of the project, which means that you will need to have strong communication, a solid foundation of trust and the assurance that the work will be done to your specifications. These tips will help you to select the best home builders in Collierville for your needs.

Important Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

When you are talking to prospective builders, there are certain questions that you should ask. These questions will help to give you a feel for the way they do business. The answers can also help you to decide which building company is best suited to your personal style and your goals for the project. Some important questions to ask home building companies include:

  • How many home building projects have you completed?
  • Does your company do all of the work or do you use sub-contractors?
  • How many houses do you build at a time?
  • How long would it be until you could get started on my project?
  • What types of fees and deposits do you require?
  • Would you build on my property or on a lot that I purchase from you?

Getting References from Other Homeowners

When considering which home builders in Collierville to hire for your new home, you may also want to get references from other homeowners. Most home builders will be able to provide you with a list of references. You can then contact those people and ask them about their experiences with the builder. You might also be able to arrange for a tour of one or more homes that the company has built.

How to Check a Home Builder’s Credentials

Another important aspect of deciding on which home builders to hire is to ensure that they have the proper credentials to build a home in Collierville. Home builders must be licensed, bonded and insured in Tennessee. You can check on their business licensure and insurance documentation. You may also want to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. You should also search for any lawsuits or civil penalties pending, or judged against, the home builders.

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