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Building A Custom Home


The process of building your dream home involves aspects that run the gamut from financing to furnishings. When you get down to it, you’re going to be building not just a home, but a relationship with the folks who are helping you realize your dream – you’ll be spending months and months together, after all! It is crucial to be armed with information when undertaking what is undoubtedly one of life’s biggest investments.

How do I select a builder?

There are many builders out there, and finding one who is not only a good fit for your project but who has impeccable credentials is vital. What it boils down to is experience and reputation. Your builder should, of course, be licensed and insured but also willing to provide information regarding his education, training and experience as well as membership in professional organizations and industry awards. Check with the Better Business Bureau, where you can find if there have been complaints and, if so, whether issues were adequately resolved. Ask for references. A reputable builder should have no qualms connecting you with previous clients who can share their experience of going through the homebuilding process with your potential contractor. Nor should he have reservations about allowing you to tour sites and see construction progress for yourself.
The fact that Southern Serenity has been involved with St. Jude Dream Home since 2008 is testimony to the dedication and quality of the homes founder Greg Bridgers builds. Thousands have toured these homes, inspecting his work, and he has twice been awarded the St. Jude National Dream Home® Builder of the Year.

How much does it cost to build a custom home?

The cost of building a custom home depends on many variables; land, materials, size and amenities are but a few of the considerations. A good builder will act as a guide on your homebuilding journey; he will advise you along the way, helping you make smart decisions. Southern Serenity takes pride in their ability to address homebuyers’ “wants” and “needs,” weigh them against matters of budget and come out at the end with happy, loyal customers. They also will not “overbuild,” a practice in which a builder lets a homeowner sink too much money into a house which ultimately the market cannot support. While generally you will spend more on a custom home than a production home, Southern Serenity is committed to building top quality homes for less, ensuring value in your investment.

Can I use my own floor plans?

Many builders have a portfolio of floor plans from which homebuyers can choose to customize, but perhaps you’ve already been working with an architect, drawing up the blueprint for your dream home. The custom builder and the architect each have very specific skills sets and will bring something different to the table. You need to find out if what you want is in your builder’s wheelhouse. Southern Serenity has the depth of experience and expertise to tackle any project presented to them, not to mention a relationship with a roster of architects with which they can work to modify, customize or adapt plans as necessary to accommodate site features as well as meet planning and building codes.
Know, too, that if you’ve purchased “stock” plans, they may essentially end up being merely a guide as there is really no one-size-fits-all scenario in homebuilding.

Can you build on a lot I already own?

If you already own a lot, you have one step of the homebuilding process behind you. Find out if a potential builder has the reach and willingness to build where your property is located. Many builders specialize in building on improved lots in planned communities where infrastructure is already in place. Some builders specialize in building on land that requires improvement. Southern Serenity has the expertise to do both, with founder Greg Bridgers boasting more than 4,000 new home builds in the last 25 years.

Why should I do business with Southern Serenity?

While you are making an investment in your home, constructing a quality home is an investment in a community. Southern Serenity founder Greg Bridgers’ philosophy of “quality, value and integrity” ensures that when you take that leap of faith, he and his team will see you through the process of making your dream a reality. Greg is a hands-on guy who just may be the person who picks up the phone when you call. He takes a personal approach, knows what’s going on with every home under construction and goes to great lengths to follow through on his promise: to deliver the home of your dreams with no detail overlooked.

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